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Hout Kunststof Aluminium

CNC Universal Machining Centre MAKAtwin


for the machining of Wood, wood derived material, plastics & composite material

The universal machining centre "MAKAtwin" with stationary gantry, tandem tables and with 3 and 4-axis technology has been designed for a huge variety of woodworking operations and for the machining of plastics and composite material, as well. This series is best suited for manufacturers of interior fittings as well as for suppliers for furniture industry, for manufacturers of kitchen panels, stairs, doors, windows, filtration panels and plastic panels for technical applications.

The design of this series is based on a field-proven concept. The rigid construction of this stationary gantry machine in combination with a high-duty working unit allow first-class routing results with high travel dynamics. A high safety standard is guaranteed by positioning the machining operations in the rear side of the machine. Manufacturers profit from the top price performance ratio.

Technical data

  • Controller: Siemens 810 D
  • Routing spindle: universal unit HSK F 63, water-cooled, 11 kW, infinitely variable speed regulation up to 24,000 rpm
  • Multiple-spindle drilling unit (optional): in L shape, 9 vertical spindles individually selectable swivelling grooving saw with 1 integrated horizontal double drilling spindle, 0 and 90, or multiple spindle drilling unit with 13, 16, 10 spindles incl. integrated horizontal double drilling spindles in X and Y and integrated grooving saw
  • Evacuation: evacuation hood mounted to the working unit, connection 1 x 300 mm.
  • Axis drives: X axis recirculating ball screw, Y axis gear rack, Z axis recirculating ball screw
  • Machine table: vacuum matrix tables / plane top tables (1,600 x 1,600 mm)
  • Clamping station: 2 vacuum clamping circuits, 1 control circuit per table
  • Safety guard: safety bumpers mounted to the tables and the gantry, lamella curtain at the entrance area of the tables, safety guard with door at the rear side of the machine (optional)
  • Working area in 3-axis operation: condition main spindle tool dia. 20 mm, total tool length 130 mm. X = 2x 1,540 mm (stop size), Y = 1,540 (stop size), free passage width Z 250 mm
  • Machining capacity: Carbide roughing cutter  20 feed rate 8 m/min solid wood beech routing depth 55 mm
  • Travel speeds: X = 80 m/min, Y = 80 m/min, Z = 24 m/min
  • Tool magazine: drum-type tool magazine, horizontal, 10 tool places, total tool length 160 mm, tool diameter with assorted deposit max. 160 mm, max. tool weight 6 kg, deposit of angular heads is possible
  • Installation details: Machine weight approx. 10.000 kg with a Y axis stroke of 1,600 mm. Required space with approx. 5,100 mm x 5,700 mm x 2,700 mm (l x w x h), usable length 6,000 incl. manipulation and safety area 



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