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Hout Kunststof Aluminium

CNC Machining Centre with 5-axis technology MAKA PE 70


for universal woodworking jobs

The 5-axis universal machining centre PE 70 is the economic version of the gantry-type CNC centre designed for the machining of steps, doors and other long workpieces.

The centre with double-guiding system in the Y-axis is fitted with a universal unit for 5-axis operations, a horizontal drum-type tool changer and a swarf collecting basket, shiftable in height. Users profil from a field-proven 5-axis technology, latest controller technique and top price-performance ratio.

In addition to high acceleration speeds  and machine precision, field-tested mechanical and electronical components guarentee high availability and a long-term service life and demonstrate economic efficiency of the new PE 70 series.

Utilizing the machine table in alternating operation minimizes auxiliary process times for loading and removal of the workpieces.

Technical data

  • Controller: BWO 920, mobile control panel
  • Routing spindle: with tool interface HSK F 63, water-cooled, power max. 10 kW, infinitely variable speed regulation up to 24,000 rpm
  • Working unit: Universal aggregate with Z axis stroke 550 mm, C 540, A +/- 95, C/A arranged at an angle of 50 
  • Extraction hood: vertically adjustable via CNC, extraction connection 1x dia. 300 mm
  • Axis drives: X axis toothed rack, gantry drive, Y axis recirculating ball screw, Z-axis recirculating ball screw
  • Machine table: (X = 6,000 mm) 10 supporting bars, manual rapid adjustment
  • Clamping station: For alternating operation with X = 6,000 mm 2 stations, each fitted with: 1 vacuum control circuit, 3 control circuits (pneumatic circuits with pressure controlled)
  • Safety guard: Accompanying cabin with safety bumpers
  • Working areas in 3-axis operation: Tool diameter 160 mm, total tool length 160 mm, X = 5,900 mm, Y = 1,250 mm, Z = 300 mm.
  • Working areas in 5-axis operation: Tool diameter 160 mm, total tool length 160 mm, X = 5,700 mm, Y = 1,250 mm, Z = 300 mm. 
  • Travel speed: x = 60 m/min, Y = 60 m/min, Z = 24 m/min, C/A = 10,000 m/min.
  • Tool changer: Drum-type tool magazine, horizontal, 20 tool places, tool diameter 90 mm, total tool length 160 mm (with assorted deposit max. diameter 160 mm) tool weight max. 4,5 kg, saw blade max. 300 mm , optional horizontal chain-type magazine with 32 tool places
  • Installation details: Machine weight: approx. 7,000 kg with usable length 6,000 mm, Required space: approx. 5,700 x 10,500 x 3,000 mm (w x l x h) with usable length 6,000 mm. See foundation and surface plan in the brochure.



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