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Hout Kunststof Aluminium

Machines voor het bewerken van Hout | Nieuw

Kruba 6024 Hout.pngKruba 6024Machine speciaal ontwikkeld voor de timmerindustrie en, afhankelijk van de uitvoering, geschikt voor het infrezen/boren. Maka-BC570.jpgMaka BC 570stationary centre in bridge-type design for large-pattern making

The machining of large workpieces with a usable length of 50 m and more is very demanding for a CNC special machine. With the
Maka-CR27t.jpgMaka CR 27for high-speed machining of wood-derived products and aluminium.

The design of the CR 27 is based on a field-proven concept. Machines with stationary gantry enable high travelling dynamics
Maka-CR27TBZ.jpgMaka CR 27 TBZfor the door manufacturing industry

The advancement of the CNC door machining centre offers a novelty of technical solutions. It is a long time since the first door machining centre was built
Maka-MK7.jpgMaka MK7Maka rounds off the products range of CNC centres for plastic components with the newly-developed low-cost series MK 7, especially suitable for cutting and finishing.

This CNC series of monoblock
Maka-MM7.jpgMaka MM7Machine for high-speed machining of plastic components and light pattern making.

Machining centre of the MM & serie are designed for highly dynamic finish-machining of small- and medium
Maka-Move.jpgMaka Movefor the machining of wood, plastics, composite material and for long workpieces

The universal machining centre MAKA move of gantry-type design with 3 and 4-axis technology allows precision
Maka-PE70.jpgMaka PE 70for universal woodworking jobs

The 5-axis universal machining centre PE 70 is the economic version of the gantry-type CNC centre designed for the machining of steps, doors and other long workpieces
Maka-PE75.jpgMaka PE 75for universal machining of wood, plastics and compound material.

The universal machining centre PE 75 in gantry design is the economic version of the successful traveling gantry series - it
Maka-PE80.jpgMaka PE 80for universal wood working performances

The stationary CNC machining centre PE 80 has been concelbed for universal wood working performances and covers a wide range of requirements for the
Maka-PM270.jpgMaka PM 270for the machinung of wood and wood-based materials, plastics and composites. The 5-axis universal machinung centre PM 270 in gantry design was designed for the machining of wood and wood-based materials Maka-Twin.jpgMaka Twinfor the machining of Wood, wood derived material, plastics & composite material

The universal machining centre "MAKAtwin" with stationary gantry, tandem tables and with 3 and 4-axis technology
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